There Is A Confusing Over-Saturation Of Health Information On The Market That Is Making Your Natural Weight Loss & Self- Love Journey Next To Impossible.

That’s Why We’re Not Throwing Hundreds Of Speakers At You, This Year We Are All About
QUALITY Versus Quantity!

The Global Health Summit 2013 Wants To Introduce You To This Year’s Leading Experts…

Kerry Tepedino Bernie Siegel Marc David

                           .Dr Sara GottfriedDAVID WOLFE

November 4th- 10th, 2013

Hello Health Seeker!

We want you to jump onto the health train and join us for a wild and exciting ride!

Day in and day out most people are bumping through their days feeling overweight, massively overstressed, ragged by their extensive to-do list, and running to obsessive and compulsive eating habits to escape from it all.

It’s time to understand that your weight issues and lack of self-love has nothing to do with willpower, not being good enough, or needing to be different than who you already are!

That’s why we joined forces to bring you the most powerful information on the planet, that will take you from hoping you can squeeze into your clothes, to sliding into them with ease…. Without popping pills, surgery, deprivation, or over exercising!

In this revolutionary free online event of world-renowned influential doctors, authors, holistic practitioners, speakers, and writers, you will get all the information you need to:

  • Learn how to include the most delicious foods on the planet into your diet, and have the fat melt right off you by doing so!
  • Save yourself mountains of cash by taking control of your health naturally, sidestepping major health issues that come with huge medical bills.
  • Develop a level of internal self-mastery, putting an end to the inner toxic conversation that you constantly beat yourself up with.
  • Experience a life-altering shift in your relationship with yourself, shedding new light on how amazing and valuable you already are (pssst…. This alone will help you lose weight).
  • Bring your hormones naturally into balance making your mood lighter, your relationships happier, and your world a whole lot brighter!
  • Tap into the deep wisdom within you and learn to use it as a guide, putting a halt to giving your power away to others, leaving you feeling dependent, hopeless, and broken.
  • Develop a strong foundation for your family to get massive results from all this new information so you can powerfully impact the health of your children and their children!
  • And so much more!

We are ready to pour our hearts and souls out, so you can get the exact health results that you’ve been craving for…for so darn long!

We never share your personal information because to be quite honest, it just isn’t cool.